Ratio Christi talk [UPDATED]

This Monday, I will be giving a talk on "Science and the Resurrection" at Rutgers University.  In my talk, I will describe the basic principles of Science and compare them to Christianity to see how it measures up.  Then there will be a Q&A period.  It is being hosted by a chapter of Ratio Christi, an apologetics organization (their blog is here).

The talk will be on this upcoming President's Day, Monday evening, Feb 15 at 8pm in the Busch Student Center, Room 174.  This is located in the Busch campus of the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers.  Non-students are welcome to attend, and I think there is going to be pizza as well.  So if any of my readers happen to be in the neighborhood, you are welcome to come!

However, if you do plan to come, please register at the Facebook event page, so that they can have an approximate estimate of how many people to prepare for.  This will prevent us from needing to pray for a miraculous multiplication of food.

The talk is free.  However if you plan to park your vehicle in Lot 51 right next to the Busch Student Center you will need to get a parking permit for $5 from this website.  Alternatively, you can park for free in Lot 48 by the Vistor Center, and then walk 15 minutes north.

About Aron Wall

I am a Lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. Before that, I read Great Books at St. John's College (Santa Fe), got my physics Ph.D. from U Maryland, and did my postdocs at UC Santa Barbara, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and Stanford. The views expressed on this blog are my own, and should not be attributed to any of these fine institutions.
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8 Responses to Ratio Christi talk [UPDATED]

  1. Scott Church says:

    Ugh...! Wish I could be there Aron! Is it going to be recorded and made available online somewhere?

  2. Andrew says:

    I've always really liked Rutgers but unfortunately I'm on the other side of the planet :( To the best of your knowledge will this be recorded/uploaded anywhere?

  3. Micha says:

    And as all good things come in threes: I’m from Germany. Is there a chance your talk gets recorded and published online? :)

  4. TY says:

    I echo Scott!

  5. Aron Wall says:

    Scott, Andrew, Micha, TY,

    As far as I know, the talk will not be recorded, but if you look at this page, you may be able to find a previously recorded version of the same talk (without the slides).

  6. Josh says:

    I'm going to be at the meeting, and I'm trying to arrange an audio recording.

  7. Aron Wall says:

    Okay, great. That would be better since it will include the Q&A.

  8. Aron Wall says:

    FYI the audio recording didn't work out...

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