Hello, my name is Aron Wall.  Welcome to my blog!

The title of this blog is an homage to Poul Anderson's essay "Uncleftish Beholding", which explains atomic theory using only English words of Anglo-Saxon origin (no Latin, Greek or French). "uncleftish" is equivalent to "atomic" (or perhaps "quantum"), and "beholding" means "theory".  When back-translated into modern English, one obtains "Undivided Looking".

"Undivided Looking" expresses the aspiration that, although compartmentalized thinking is frequently helpful in life, one must also step back and look at the world as a whole.  This involves balancing specialized knowledge with common sense to keep both kinds of thinking in perspective.

"Undivided Looking" also suggests that in order to see the Truth, we have to be earnestly seeking it with our whole self.  As Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God". The word "pure" means unmixed or whole.  Those who want to live wholesome lives must purify themselves from malice, bias and greed, so that the Holy can dwell within them.

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  1. bill faint says:

    Hi Aron,
    it was good to meet you and discuss truly important things. I am curious what kind of things have been discussed here on the blog so I'll check it out. I hope you have had a chance to visit the jesuslifetogether site as it is full of encouraging, convicting and eye opening truth. Let's keep in touch as life permits :)

  2. Marius de Jess says:

    I am so glad to have come to your blog, because now I can read a Christian who can speak with authority on quantum mechanics things and atheist physicists cannot gainsay him.

  3. Aron Wall says:

    Dear Marius,
    I'm glad you are enjoying what I write. If any atheist physicist happens to be reading my blog, they are certainly welcome to attempt to gainsay me about quantum mechanics, if they like. :-) Then we can have a conversation.

  4. Greg Carlet says:

    Glad to have found your blog!

  5. Sean says:

    Glad to have found your blog. Always nice to find other people from statistical/empirical professions who share my basic approach on this -- and even nicer that you can speak on physics, a topic that is actually relevant to the debate. Far too many people equate atheism/agnosticism with skepticism/rationality/intelligence/elite positioning, so I'm glad you're putting this stuff out there.

  6. Aron Wall says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Sean.

  7. Josue San Jose says:

    Hello Aron! My name is Josue. I have a couple of questions but let me give you some backround before I start asking. I found your website thanks to Ron Cram. He directed me here and told me you are a Christian scientist. I found that interesting since most scientists today are atheists.

    Now to my real question. I am currently pursuing a degree in engineering. I will start my fourth semester next week. I am 20 years old. However, I have always been interested in science. More recently I have gained interest in the fields of cosmology and astrophysics. Do you think I could earn a degree in one of those fields some day? If so, what do I need to do? Whom do I need to talk to? What are the requirements? Prerequisites? Please help me. I just want to pursue my dream. You can contact me via email (josue.sanjose@my.bismarckstate.edu) I would truly appreciate your thoughts and any advice you can give me. Thank you for your time in advance and I look forward to get in touch with you.

    God bless.

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