There's an interview of me in the July edition of the BioLogos newsletter.

Also, I've been going back and forth about whether to mention this, but as long as I'm going on about myself, it turns out that I won the Bergmann-Wheeler thesis prize which was awarded at the GR20 conference in Warsaw.  The prize was sponsored by the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity, which I have sometimes published in, although all of my articles are also freely available on the arXiv, of course.  The prize was awarded for my proof of the Generalized Second Law for black holes.  In light of all the other excellent work out there, I feel deeply honored be recongnized in this way.

I have also added St. Martin LaBar of Sun and Shield to my blog roll.  Not only does he blog about both scientific and theological topics, he also is a role model in that he always takes a moderate and gentle tone, even with commenters who disagree with him.  His consistent tone of encouragement is commendable.

About Aron Wall

In 2019, I will be studying quantum gravity and black hole thermodynamics as a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. Before that, I read Great Books at St. John's College (Santa Fe), got my physics Ph.D. from U Maryland, and did my postdocs at UC Santa Barbara, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and Stanford. The views expressed on this blog are my own, and should not be attributed to any of these fine institutions.
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  1. Luke says:

    congratulations on your thesis prize!!


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