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It is now possible to subscribe by email by clicking on the subscribe link, located at the bottom of the "meta" menu on the right side-bar.  Undivided Looking can send you an email notification every time there is a new post.  (Your email address will not be used for any purposes unrelated to the blog, because that would be a sin.)

The emails may sometimes be delayed by anywhere up to a few hours, due to issues with our ISP.  If you want quicker results, you may prefer using the RSS feed, also in the right-hand side bar.


About Aron Wall

I am a postdoctoral researcher studying quantum gravity and black hole thermodynamics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Before that, I read Great Books at St. John's College (Santa Fe), got my physics Ph.D. from U Maryland, and did my first postdoc at UC Santa Barbara.
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