My name is Lewis. I am also known as quietfanatic, or sometimes Midori. I am a multi-paradigm programmer, graduate of Westmont College, and alumni of the WebView2 team at Microsoft.

Sometimes I write things that are too long for Twitter, and this is where I put them. This site is all static HTML compiled by a Perl script and managed by a git repository. There is no comment system because I don't want one. If you want to contact me, please either use Twitter or send an email to lewis at wall dot org.

Below are some of the latest posts.

Fiction: My Password 2016-03-24 #fiction #programming

A: Could you do me a favor?

B: Sure, what is it?

A: In my father's stuff he left behind, was there a note or something that had something like a password on it?

B: You mean your password, the one to your, uh...

A: Yes.

B: I thought you said before that you shouldn't know it, that it's dangerous. You could hurt yourself.

A: Yes, but I just can't stand it any more. I want to know. I think it's time.

[read more...]

Fiction: The Cursed Stone 2016-03-03 #fiction

Every time I try to get rid of it, it comes back. I can throw it at a lake, but it curves around in the air like a boomerang, and settles, gently, back into my hand. I can put it in the trash but it pops right back out. I once buried it five miles away, but when I got home it was sitting on my desk.[read more...]

I Am Afraid of Failure 2014-12-07 #whatever

My name is quietfanatic, and I am afraid of failure.

It's not really about people seeing my failures. Rather, I fear that if I fail at something, it'll be a waste of the time I spent trying.

Time I could have been spending on The Masterpiece.[read more...]

Migraines Are Weird 2013-11-06 #whatever

From time to time I get migraines. Most people know them as a severe headache that's sensitive to light and sound, but they can have a whole host of strange symptoms as well. My migraines do not hurt very much, thankfully, but they can get weird sometimes. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that can happen while I have a migraine; I only get a few of these at once.[read more...]

Programming Is the Act Of... 2013-11-04 #programming

An Alternative Operator Precedence Rule 2013-10-25 #programming

Evolving My Website 2013-10-18 #web #programming

An ASM Monad 2013-10-15 #programming #haskell