Larry Wall's Very Own Home Page

Howdy, world! This website is under construction.

(Did you ever see a website that wasn't under construction?)

Yes, I'm afraid chartreuse is one of my favorite colors...

No, I'm not going to change it just because it's not your favorite...

my geek code (3.1):

GC/CS/E/H/IT/L/M/MU/PA/P/S/SS/TW/O d(+++)>+ s: a+>++>+++$ C++++$ UBAHS*++++$ P+++++(--)$ L !E? W+>++ N+++@ K+++>++++++@ w$ !O M->+ V--() PS+(-) PE(++) Y+ PGP->+ t+() 5 X? R>* tv@ b++>+++ DI+++ D? G(-) e++>+++@ h----() r+++ y++++

my ravings

1st State of the Onion, 1997 Perl Conference.
2nd State of the Onion, 1998 Perl Conference.
Perl, the first postmodern computer language, LinuxWorld Spring 1999.
3rd State of the Onion, 1999 Perl Conference.

I'm also keeping a diary all about my cornea transplant.


See my Perl page.

Web and CGI programming

I haven't done much of this. (Consider how lousy this web page is.) Consult the appropriate webpage.


There are various derivatives being supported by various people. None of them are me.


I recommend the version supplied by the GNU folks.


No longer maintained. These days you're probably better off using something like GNU autoconf, one of the spiritual descendents of metaconfig.

my publisher

See O'Reilly & Associates.

my church

See New Life Church.

my family

See The Wall Nuthouse.

my alma mater

See Seattle Pacific University.

my personality type

See the personality page for INFP.

my email address

Mail to I do answer my email. Occasionally.

my phone number

I hate my telephone. Please don't ask for my phone number.